The beauty and beachhut

Former shed judge and all round beach hut nuttess Kathryn Ferry gets some good coverage for her excellent beach hut  books over at Eadt


Kathryn Ferry is billed as our ‘national beach hut expert’ – and just happens to love East Anglia. She tells Steven Russell why she does like to be beside the seaside and why Felixstowe is a favourite

KATHRYN Ferry’s a girl who just loves to be beside the seaside – so much so that she writes and talks about it for a living. She’s also obsessed with beach huts – spending two months travelling around the coast to look at more than 20,000 of these quaint waterfront havens.

So she’ll naturally have one of her own, then, won’t she? “Noooooo,” comes the plaintiff reply – more an anguished wail, really. “It’s dreadful. I hate admitting that, because when I started out” – writing a book about beach huts – “my intention was to make enough to be able to buy one. I was a poor student when I started and there was no way I could afford one. But of course the price has been going up over the past decade. It’s going to have to be a best-seller – and there’s not much chance of that!”

In any case, there are huge waiting lists for huts around the country.

By Andrew Wilcox

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