Can they save the Newport TARDIS

The Newport tardis Photo by waltjabsco
The Newport tardis Photo by waltjabsco

According to the BBC

A community is trying to save a listed Tardis-style police box which has fallen into disrepair.

The box in Somerton, Newport, is the only one to survive in the city and one of the few remaining in the UK.

But it is now falling apart and will need thousands spent to restore it to its former glory.

During much of the 20th Century, the boxes were used to contact police officers by phone before personal radios made them redundant.

They are now perhaps better known as Doctor Who’s time machine, or Tardis, in the popular television series.

There is also a Facebook group dedicated to it.

Of course on readersheds we have loads of TARDIS but not original ones!

By Andrew Wilcox

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