Hut 33 is back on the wireless

Not only did a Bletchley Park Hut win the hut category in this years Shed of the year, and was of course a major player in ending the second World War its also the base for a BBC radio comedy.

Hut 33, the sitcom set in Bletchley Park in World War Two, returns for a third series.

It’s 1942 and things are looking grim for the Allies and even worse for Hut 33, who remain the worst performing hut at the secret code-breaking facility at Bletchley.

Perhaps if Charles and Archie stopped feuding and Gordon could concentrate on his number sequences instead of acting as peace-maker they would make better progress.

Joshua, their commanding officer, struggles with even the most basic concepts like his name, let alone fiendishly complex German ciphers.

Mrs Best, their landlady, is always ready to offer a shoulder to cry on and plenty more besides, whereas Minka, the Polish hut secretary, is an efficient sociopath who believes lethal violence is the solution to any problem.

The show features an all star cast and an award-winning writing and producing team whose credits include Think the Unthinkable, Recorded for Training Purposes and Concrete Cow.

Recording at the BBC Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London on Friday 25 September. Doors open at 12.45pm. Also recording on Sunday 27 September. Doors open at 7.15pm.

To apply for tickets, visit the BBC Tickets Website or call the BBC Ticket Line on 0370 901 1227*.

You can read the writers blog here.

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