Sue Pollard, Graham Norton, Ricky Hatton and a Shed

I have mentioned Totally Saturday before (on twitter), as I was asked three times by different staff members to advertise the fact that they were looking for sheddies to have on their show and was a bit peeved as I had done a post about it ages ago anyway enough about grumpy me.

Sheddie Chantelle who posted a comment on the site a while back about her celebrity shed was contacted by the show and this is what she has to say and she has even provided photos!

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Myself and my partner Adam had audience tickets to the Totally Saturday Show Hosted by Graham Norton on Saturday 4th July 2009 little did Adam know that he was to be pulled from the audience by Graham!.

We came across the shed a few months before when Adam spotted it outside Su Pollards house in the next road to us, he posted a note through her door asking if we could have it, she rang us and said that she would love it to go to a good home rather than the skip!.

So at midnight Adam carried this shed in pieces on his shoulder rom Su’s house to ours. After mentioning this shed online Uncle Wilco spotted the shed and shared the news on Twitter for the BBC to see and take great interest in!.

After 3 weeks of secret planning myself and the BBC managed to measure film take photos and sneek the shed into the studios without him knowing!.

After Graham pull Adam from the audience and embarasses him with some DIY disaster clips they secretly film around our house, Graham reveals that our Su Pollard shed is in the studio with a celebrity inside!.

Adams has to guess who is inside, after a series of clues are handed through the BBC make shift window in the shed we came to the conclusion that it was none other than “Ricky The Hitman” Hatton, and thus emerges from the shed to meet and greet…..hilarious in reality Ricky Hatton in our shed!.

The BBC kindly made us a plaque for the shed saying Totally Heritage Su Pollard previously owned this shed!.

By Andrew Wilcox

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