Chelsea Flower Show Shed Garden – Fenland Alchemist Garden

Just saw this on the BBC preview show.

Nestled deep in the heart of the Fens, on the edge of a dyke lives Fen Ben. His garden is a reflection of his eccentric soul and where he strives to live a solitary life… He is well known to the locals who are used to the strange smells and sounds coming from his dwelling as he practices the ancient art of alchemy.A winding path of reclaimed york stone takes the visitor to Fen Ben’s dwelling – a traditional Fenland shed made from reclaimed materials. Next to the shed is a lean-to with a brick furnace where Fen Ben carries out his alchemy. All around the garden you will see clues to his lifestyle and personality and items associated with a Fen Tiger’s way of life from animal traps to ice skates – the clues to Fen life are there.

More info here and here

Good look and hope they Win!

By Andrew Wilcox

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