The shedfather of modern shedism interviewed

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Gordon Thorburn the bloke behind then standard tome to starting in shedism “Men & Sheds” is interviewed on the always great

He shows of his sheds and talks a bit about Men & Sheds


The 18th century shed pictured is therefore used as a garage, that is to say, to store tools, wood, workbench etc, plus a load of stuff that should be chucked out. The other is an orthodox garden shed.

My wife wants me to convert the old shed into an office to get me out of the house, but I want to convert the attic. So I’ll probably stay where I am, in a corner of the dining room.


He also has posted on the shedforum.. the other week and I was going to email him for an interview but John beat me to it!.

and finally I have got round to listening to the gardenofficeFather of shedworking Alex’s podcast from the other week, it’s a good listen, and gives an insight into why Alex set up shedworking…

By Andrew Wilcox

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