“Berlin Wall” Shed row : The Diplomat V The Countess

The telegraph reports

Photo: BNPS.co.uk /Peter Willows
Photo: BNPS.co.uk /Peter Willows

A row over a former diplomat’s garden shed has descended into an acrimonious war of words after a neighbouring countess compared the structure to the “Berlin Wall”.

Retired major John Dewdney-Herbert, 70, built the 10 feet wooden shed at the end of his new property as a place to work on his hobby of restoring antiques.

But the move provoked a storm of protest from his neighbours in the Dorset town of Sherborne who complained that their light had been blocked and the view spoilt.

A retrospective planning application has now been entered to West Dorset Council.

It has received six letters of complaint, and an objection from Sherborne Town Council.

Local councillor Katherine Pike said: “It is very bleak looking – monolithic if you like.

“It is selfish and unneighbourly. It’s no use them whining that people haven’t been welcoming when they have spoilt their lives.

“If they had put in a planning application before the shed was put up we would have objected, because the whole thing is just appalling for the people next door.”

By Andrew Wilcox

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