Top Times Tips for shed heaven

The SUnday Times has some great tips for potential shed owners, the two most important (well what I get asked anyway)

Don't quite know how they'll use this shed
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How big a shed should I buy?

It’s a simple equation: your shed needs to be big enough for its purpose without compromising the garden. Consider how much space you will need for what you plan to do – will one room suffice or will you need partitions? What furniture/equipment will you want to house? Use wooden stakes and string to map out the dimensions.

Do I need planning permission?

Most sheds don’t need it, unless you live in an area of special environmental or historical interest, or if you want to build close to the road or over several storeys. But do contact your local planning department, just to be sure – they may have some simple questions for you about usage.

Nice one Times, now it only we can get these potential Sheddies to Share their sheds for National Shed Week 😉

They also mention Eco Sheds, which of course is the latest category in Shed of the Year!

The green garden office

Constructing a home office in your garden is a sensible and eco-friendly option that won’t cost the earth. A grass roof provides insulation and warmth for this sleek contemporary take on the shed, which is situated in an urban garden and kitted out with sliding glass doors and modern cream furniture. Red cedar cladding, sleek aluminium trims and the living roof are all functional design elements – now add transportable solar panels to the site to power your appliances.

By Andrew Wilcox

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