Green roof sheds – 5 common questions.

John from secrets-of-shed-building has kindly written us a post about green roofs which I know a lot of you are thinking about and something Iam sure a few of the Eco-sheds will have.


and a bit like Sarah’s shed here

Green roofs are a popular choice on new permanent buildings nowadays because of planning requirements to reduce surface runoff which can overload local drainage systems. Installing a green shed roof on your shed requires that the shed roof be strong enough to carry the increased weight. Here are a few questions (with answers) that are commonly asked about green shed roofs.

1. What plants do I use?

There is a wide range of suitable plants. Green roof plants should be selected on the basis that they can cope with normal roof conditions, which can be dry and windy. Plants are selected for a particular roof on the basis of aesthetic requirements and site conditions. The core of any green roof are varieties of Sedum although herbaceous, bulbous plants and certain grasses are used.

2. Do I need to water it?

No. The only time under normal seasonal conditions that a green roof should be watered is if the plants are installed during the summer. Green roof plants are selected to survive under the normal environmental conditions that they are likely to experience on the roof.

3. What roof pitch will I need for my green roof?

The plants and growing media should be stable and successful at pitches of up to 30 degrees. green roofs are also perfectly suited to curved roof applications.

3. Do Green roofs have a track record?

Green roofing systems were originally developed in Germany have a history of 50 to 60 years.

5. What time of year is best for installing a green roof?

The best time of year for installation is late summer/early autumn. Spring and winter installations are also acceptable. Installation during the summer is possible although greater care of the plants is required until they are well established.

Visit Secrets of Shed Building for more details on building an extensive green roofon your shed.

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