Beatles’ amp found in shed

AN AMPLIFIER discovered in a Liverpool shed was almost certainly used by The Beatles, according the Livepool Echo


It was found a few streets away from George Harrison’s old home in Woolton.

A relative of Beatles memorabilia collector Stan Cargill was asked to clear the shed. To his amazement, the amp was a Vox AC30, as used by The Beatles to get their distinctive sound.

With it were a silver microphone, leads stamped West Germany and pictures and Beatles’ autographs.

Sam Leach, who promoted the band between 1961 and 1962 is certain the amp is one used by the Fab Four.

He said: “I have no doubt about it. They used the same little amp wherever they went – not that you could hear anything for all the screaming girls.”

By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. I was in the beatles story liverpool on the albert dock today 18th september 09 and met Stan Cargill who told me the story of the amp and showed me his memorabilia pics of the fab 4 with autographs etc. I took a pic of him with the amp and promised to send it to him.

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