£10,000 10-year lease for beach huts

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landland_bay_beachhuts Photo by Lilo Lil
landland_bay_beachhuts Photo by Lilo Lil

THERE may be a credit crunch and widespread economic gloom, but seaside lovers in Swansea are still snapping up wooden beachside huts at £10,000 a time.

The brightly-painted shoreline bathing huts lined with palms at Langland Bay, Swansea, are featured on postcards and countless photographs and paintings.

They also formed the backdrop for film star Catherine Zeta-Jones’ formative years as she spent much of her summer months on the beach with friends.

Now the huts, which have been a fixture on the edge of the iconic beach for the best part of a century, are being totally re-built by owners Swansea Council and leased off for £10,000 each (plus VAT).

It’s an extra £2,000 if you wish to specify which particular hut you wish to lease (not forgetting the £400 council legal and surveying costs) and buyers will be held responsible for all damage, repairs and maintenance.

Also, although lessees can use the huts 365 days a year they are not allowed to sleep in them in overnight.

You can find more about the Huts and how to lease them at Swansea Council website

By Andrew Wilcox

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