Lady Sheddie invents powerless fridge update

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I saw this yesterday, but did not get round to posting it but it’s a follow up to something I posted last year.


according to the telegraph

An inventor is helping underdeveloped nations with creations from her grandfather’s potting shed in Yorkshire, including a refrigerator which does not require electricity.

Emily Cummins is already the mother of several award-winning inventions at the age of 21 while on an unrelated degree course.

Her latest project is the electricity-free refrigerator, which works through a simple process of water evaporation.

She won £5,000 from York Merchant Adventurers for her business plan and took a gap year to visit Africa to test out her idea.

Miss Cummins made six versions during the initial phase of production and helped make more than 50 during the trip where local nicknamed her “The Fridge Lady”.

It has since been successfully rolled out in Zambia, Namibia and South Africa using anything from old car parts to clay and she has won funding to develop another model.
She explained: “I set about looking at how I could make a sustainable version after asking people what luxury they couldn’t live without and one of the answers that kept coming up was ‘fridge’. The First Generation Fridge involves a large outer cylinder made from plastic or wood with a smaller inner one of aluminium with water, sand, wool or soil packed in the gap.

You can read more about Emily and her inventions at her website.

By Andrew Wilcox

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