The transporter shed is ready for you

We mentioned this great art shedulation before Xmas.. and it’s now finished and ready for visitors to the OVADA Gallery, Oxford from tomorrow the 7th Jan.


To remind you….

Alun Ward’s Transporter Mix is an interactive participatory piece which invites the viewer to step into micro-environments linked, via sound, to very different locations and places in time.


The installation comprises a wooden shed with a floor surface of earth, shingle, sand, woodland debris, and freshly cut turf. The viewer is invited to remove their socks and shoes (optional but encouraged), don the headphones provided, and enter. Once inside, the individual participant can close their eyes, explore the surfaces, and listen. The artist sits outside, mixing different recordings to alternately align the sounds to the surfaces, or to create disjunctions between the two

If you are going then please come back here and comment on what it was like!

good luck to Alun.

By Andrew Wilcox

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