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Friday feelings – Cheap DRM free MP3 – and warm sheddie

Not much shedding this week, as I have been poorly under the doctor with shedmanflu

But here are a few things I have been looking at from my sickbed (with my lappytop)

Amazon have started to sell MP3s without DRM, good news at the moment some albums are £3 quid.

2) You wont see me visiting this


or any of the other vomit inducing structures

3) These Shed plans look interesting, or is it just the Benny Hill video of a shed erection!

4) I want a Self-Heating Electric Waistcoat > from Maplin

* Keep warm with a waistcoat that heats up to 40 ° celcius in 5 minutes
* Great for sports, travel, pain relief and active outdoor people
* Constructed using the most advanced heating wire
* Can be worn as an outer garment or underneath other layers
* Zip doubles as a handy compass
* Batteries are stored in two discrete pouches
* Requires 6 x AA batteries (sold separately)

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