Gifts for that shed dweller or shed worker

A lot of sheddies have got computers in their sheds now…. be it for shed working or just for looking at readersheds and

Anyway this festive season why not buy your “on the grid” sheddie something useful.

Those people over at gadget shop has a shedload of USB wossnames, including

USB Foot Warmers seem to be the winners in my shed..

USB Foot Warmers to the rescue – these slippers will warm one’s peripheries during marathon typing sessions. Simply plug them into a USB port for instant warmth and comfort.

This is an affiliated post, ie if you buy from the links I get some cash for the shedblog Xmas party!.

of course the more eco sheddie may frown on these sucking the electricity from your computer, but it is xmas(soon)

By Andrew Wilcox

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