Get the sheddie a Dremel


If you’re already thinking about Christmas presents and have a keen DIYer to buy for, Dremel might have just the thing.

The Dremel Treasure Box comprises the Dremel 300 Series multi-tool, a flexible shaft attachment, cutting guide attachment, line and circle cutter attachment, SpeedClic accessory starter set, 12-in-1 Minitool, tool case and mini accessory cases with 79 pieces, all for around £69.99.

But that’s not all – you can also go online and play a treasure-hunt competition. By entering the code on the accompanying CD, or applying for one online, you get to open a treasure box. This may contain a bronze, silver or golden horde of treasure comprising Dremel products and other goodies, including a cheque for 2,500 euros – £2,000 – to spend on travel.

For your nearest Dremel stockist, see, or buy online

Q: I’m about to replace a small pane of glass in my French windows – can I paint the new beading that I’ll be fitting around it straight away? I’m keen to because condensation is a problem at this time of year.

A: No, you should leave it for about a week because the putty has to harden. When you do come to paint it, use a quick-drying primer, undercoat and topcoat (or combined products), which should enable you to do quite a few coats in a day, and allow the paint to overlap onto the glass slightly to form a seal.

We’re having some unseasonably sunny weather at the moment, giving you the opportunity to do exterior paint jobs that, ordinarily, might have been impossible to do so late in the year. Make sure the surface of what you’re painting is dry, though, as moisture can cause paint to blister.

By Andrew Wilcox

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