Would you be happy with two-thirds of a pint?

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Sort of thirds
Sort of thirds

Drinkers could soon be able to order two-thirds of a pint under new proposals to change measures for food and drink, it has been announced.

The consultation will consider introducing two-thirds of a pint of draught beer or cider alongside the current pint, half pint and third of a pint – a legal measure that has fallen out of common usage. The consultation runs until January.

The thing is in a beer festival I am happy with three 3rd glasses to test out the beers, but not sure if i would pay for a two thirds pint in a pub as they try and “do you” most of time but not giving a full pint, and most of the staff will be confused as they are with my photo antics everytime I buy a pint.

Of course you could always treat yourself to one of these Ceramic Pint Mugs!

By Andrew Wilcox

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