How to earn cash during the credit crunch?

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The Times gives a list of 10 things to do with your home to earn cash during this upcoming recession , the there that interest me are below but not sure If I can sneak the first two past Mrs uncle wilco.

3 Sell off your garden

Sell part of your garden to a developer or apply for planning permission and build on it yourself. Alternatively, let it as an allotment, keeping green-fingered neighbours happy and making extra cash at the same time.


8 The home office

About three million people in the UK work from home, according to the TUC. If you set up shop at home, Revenue & Customs will let you set all sorts of at-home expenses against tax, such as part of your phone, heating and electricity bills. But watch out: “If you claim that your home is an office, you may no longer be exempt from Capital Gains Tax,” says Michael Kinder, a tax specialist at Wilkins Kennedy Chartered Accountants.

and finally

10 Grow your own

Live ‘The Good Life’ and set up your own smallholding. Invest in a year-round vegetable garden and keep chickens and bees. Sell your home-grown produce at local shops, markets or from home, and join a local beekeeping group. For chicken care and advice, go to .

By Andrew Wilcox

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