My Sheddie: John Kingston & Cystal

Sheddies name

John Kingston

Shed name

“>Crystal shed

Selfbuild or off the shelf shed?

Self build.

Why have you got a shed? uses etc

It’s a painting/design studio.

How would you describe your shed?

A bright and shiny- skinned studio

Who are your shed inspirations?

Old Allotments, junkyards, building sites, beach huts, industrial building…..

Future Shed plans

As soon as it was completed, part of me wanted to tear it down and start
another one, I was happy with the crystal shed ,but have other
designs i would like to build,I need a bigger garden!

How did you find out about our community?

Searching online for interesting examples of sheddage

What word would you use to sum up Sheds

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By Andrew Wilcox

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