My Sheddie : Phillip R

Sheddies name

Philip R

Shed name

The Shudio

Selfbuild or off the shelf shed?

Selfbuild. We sold the car to pay for it and it was worth every penny. At the time I looked into buying something but would’ve ended up with half the shed for twice the price. I had help with the foundations and got pros in to felt the roof and wire the place. Everything else was all done by me, with a little help from my ever loving and supportive family!

Why have you got a shed? uses etc

I am an artist. I am supposed to be painting in my studio. Maybe draw a picture sometimes. That does happen, but I keep making ‘stuff’ too, like building shelves or most recently a chicken house. I have to do most of the sawing outside because of the dust and what I really could do with is another shed… I’ve also built a bike shed inside with racks above for my paintings, (photos to follow). Having my own space – not like the one I had before in a public studio complex, means I can really experiment with new work or just make bird tables if I want!

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How would you describe your shed?

As you walk up the garden, dodging the chicken s**t, you can only really see the door. Once inside, it is warm, extremely quiet and light. Lots of insulation means I can have my music on really loud when I’m working and the neighbours can’t hear. It’s bigger than my old damp studio and feels very secure. It gives me a peace in my work space I have never previously experienced. It makes me feel quite spoilt. But I’ll get over that.

Who are your shed inspirations?

Uncle Reg. Spending time in his gorgeous smelling proper shed, hammering bits together to make a boat or car while he worked on his lathe will stay with me forever. Discovering Readersheds and getting ideas to build my own was also truly inspirational. Thanks to everyone that uploaded pics of progress and mentioned stuff like 6×2, T&G, concrete bases, etc, etc. I’ve tried to show progress on my page and hope that it could be as inspirational to others.

Future Shed plans

The girls bikes are getting too big so right now I’m gathering pallet wood to make them a bike shed. I may add pics… As for the studio – the next one will have underfloor heating and solar panels for lighting. I would keep the high windows because the wall space is good but I would steer clear of glass bricks – that was easily the worst job! Apart from the glass, would I do it all again? Definately!!

How did you find out about our community?

Randomly googling ‘sheds’ when I was considering buying one, I stumbled across the site. What a joy…

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