My Sheddie : Brian Angus

Brian is the shed genius behind the Railway carriage

Shed name
Railway carriage

Selfbuild or off the shelf shed?

Self-build but using bits of old sheds for unseen walls and floors and new timber for the bits that show.

Why have you got a shed? uses etc

Storage and relaxation

How would you describe your shed?

Dave wanted a long thin shed to fit the available space, I wanted to include an area for sitting and sipping. A railway carriage came to mind – complete with the viewing area where the American President would stand a wave during his re-election tour.

Who are your shed inspirations?

I have designed a few sheds and built even fewer, unaware that others shared my compulsion.

Future Shed plans

Because I would like a shed where visitors could enjoy an evening meal in the garden – perhaps even stay the night, I have a design like a narrow boat. Shortly after a similar idea appeared at Hampton Court flower show. Unlike the railway carriage I suspect this will need Building Regulations.

How did you find out about our community?

Coverage of the 2007 Shed of the Year made me realise other were more open above the deep-seated instinct I feel for building ever more ambitious sheds.

What word would you use to sum up Sheds


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