Beachhut watch : Holkham beachhut for £65,000

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Well thats what one is selling for according to EDP24

A holkham bach hut from David Ian Roberts not the one for sale
A holkham bach hut from David Ian Roberts - not the one for sale

It is a stunning sea view that has been forever immortalised on the silver screen by award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow when she walked across Holkham beach in the hit movie, Shakespeare in Love.

Now that same view can be yours everyday from the comfort of your own beach hut but it doesn’t come cheap. For a hut towards the Holkham end of Wells beach has gone up for sale with a guide price of… £65,000.

But despite the global credit crunch there are, it seems, plenty of people prepared to pay that mega-price for a glorified shed which has no main services and in which you are not officially allowed to sleep overnight.

According to estate agent Belton Duffey’s officer manager, Henrietta Bruce, the hut has attracted “a great deal of interest,” mainly from potential buyers outside the town.

“Despite the global gloomy economic climate, there has been a lot of interest and, even at a guide price of £65,000, the huts on the beach are as popular as ever,” said Ms Bruce.

She added: “It’s a glorified shed, somewhere where you can escape from the midday sun, change into your swimming costume, enjoy a cup of tea or even have forty winks.”

By Andrew Wilcox

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