Just Sheds: Summer Sheds

What with the evenings drawing in and the end of our Summer in the UK, ok we did not have one so hopefully it means nice warmy Autumn/Winter evenings so people can sit out in their sheds like the following sheddies.

The Summer Shed

owner Charles has some great ideas for this Summerhouse

I’m hoping that it will open up my garden and be a place to hang out during the milder winter evenings too.

Bench seats store most of what I had in the old shed so plenty of room to relax and start making homemade cider in September.

and Keelie and lucy will be doing in their My Girlies Summer House after their Dad built it for them.

I Built summerhouse just after getting over brain tummor to prove i could still do thing for my kids. made from half logs 3/4 ply and 3×2 and a lot of hard work for 6 months but i would not give up because i promise i would make them it before a became ill. i had no Plans all in my head (dont look that bad for in my head LOL) Very pleased the way it turned out,im not a carpenter im just a every day DAD doing there bit for there kids. Helped me a lot looking through bits and pieces on this web site helped a lot.

Or even Grannys Summer Pavilion

It is a dual purpose shed …. the bit you see is my summerhouse where I can sit and watch the birds and work on my genealogy (via wireless router from the house). The glazed doors all fold back for when the sun shines and I have a heater in there so I can use it all year round. Hidden at the back is himself’s workshop

By Andrew Wilcox

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