I am writing this sitting in the shed

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Well Mrs Uncle wilco’s summerhouse, as the seats are more comfortable.

I finally bought one of those laptops, but in fact its a cheapy netbook, ultra portable, tiny ‘puter what ever you want to call it, from ALDI, called the Medion Akoya E1210.

It has a 10inch screen and the keyboard is about the same size, but the keys are easy to use even the glidey mouse pad is good after some practice.

It’s powered by the Intel Atom chip, ok its not a chip full of horse power but its not a donkey either, for web browsing, blogging, watching downloaded content from the BBC iplayer and general shed based wossname it’s great.

The main downside is the battery life, they say it should last 2 and a half hours but depends on what you do, you can buy a larger capacity battery, but i will have to wait for that, maybe the mrs will get it for my birthday?

overall i am very happy with it, using Google chrome and it speeds along for general transferring pictures from my phone (nokia n95) up to Flickr.

It’s supposed to be based on the msi wind but with a few exceptions, quality of webcam (which i don’t user) and no built in bluetooth (which I don’t miss).

anyway if you are thinking about getting a small laptop to blog from the shed, then it gets my thumbs up.

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