“Sheds” in the NYTimes

Those posh sheds are featured in the NYTIMES

THREE years after renovating their 1903 brownstone in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, Greg and Cheyenne Morris turned their attention to their backyard, which contained an odd assortment of disused items — sinks, toilets, Virgin Mary statuettes, wheels from street vendor carts and a moldering stucco garden shed. They cleaned up the yard, made preparations to demolish the shed and asked an architect to draft plans for a free-standing studio to be used as a bedroom and office.

They look happy with their shed anyway

Michael Falco for The New York Times
Michael Falco for The New York Times

“It was expensive,” said Mr. Morris, a photographer, who spent $76,000 for a Kithaus with a bathroom, ipe wood deck and louvers, “but it was worth it to not have any more contractors and electricians traipsing through my house.”

The Times also has a great article about Michael Janzen

who has spent the summer building an 80-square-foot “tiny house” out of free stuff he found on Craigslist?

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