Shed Word did not end due to Big Bang at Cern

Looks like the experiment is going well at Cern using there “Large Shedron Colinder” or is it Large Hadron Collider.

I wont pretend to understand what it all means, but as long as we are still here and the £5bn machine was not a waste of time.. then

You can watch it all live at the BBC of course

The Register has a good post about how we are all taken in by the medias wossname on this.

and of course the bigger news is that apple has brought out a new Ipod nano, so from physics particles to nano mp3 players…

Steve Jobbs said the about it “Nano’s environmental credentials, including arsenic-free glass and a mercury and PVC-free body that is “highly recyclable”.”, just like the Large Shedron Colinder then…

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By Andrew Wilcox

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