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North West Evening Mail reports on some shed criminals

A PAIR of thieves have been electronically tagged after stealing a neighbour’s garden shed.Luke Woodward and Adam Teare were spotted carrying the base of the shed from the garden of a Vulcan Road home.

Furness Magistrates’ Court heard that at 2.45am on Saturday April 19 a couple were woken from a noise outside their house. They looked out of the window to find that only the door of their new shed remained in their garden. The structure had been bought for £50, second-hand, just a few days earlier.
The couple spotted Woodward and Teare carrying the base of their shed but, despite being shouted at, the pair did not stop. Both defendants were arrested after the missing shed, minus its door, was seen in Woodward’s garden. Mr John Appleby, prosecuting, said: “They said they thought it was going to be thrown out, but couldn’t explain why they didn’t stop after being shouted at.”
Mr Andrew Gallagher defending Woodward said: “It’s a straightforward offence. Earlier that day Woodward was walking down an alleyway that passes the address and saw the shed stacked up in pieces against the wall.”
Mr Gallagher told the court that Woodward admitted to having a drink, and then, along with Teare, going back to get the shed.
Mr Gallagher said it was always his client’s intention to put the shed in his back garden.

By Andrew Wilcox

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