So you want to know the Secrets of shed building?

I get a lot of people emailing me asking questions about how to build a shed, so lets clear one thing up

Iam a shed fancier and the wossname of I don’t have any DIY skills, knowledge or aptitude for building, I wish I did, but I love the idea of sheds, the finished product and the lifestyle that a great shed brings, and of course I love all your sheds! but I do know a man who knows of the Secrets of shed building, he goes by the name of John Coupe, he’s a Civil engineer with 20 years behind him but the aim of his great website is as follows.

Getting advice from a Professional Engineer can be an expensive proposition and really is not economic for a building the size of a shed! I hope that this site helps you with some of the more commonly asked questions on shed building

If you have any shed questions you can post them in the forum and I can pass them onto John

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By Andrew Wilcox

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