Beer of the Week – Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival

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Last night (thursday) I spent a few hours enjoying the real ale at the new home of the Cardiff Beer festival.

With it’s move to the CIA I was a bit wossname, but the elbow room made for a good atomosphere on the first night… a good mix of beardies, ladys and blokes with clipboards marking off their favourites, of course I just take pictures of the clips instead, well worth a visit Today or Saturday (before the Springsteen gig at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium)

They will be having live music Tonight and saturday, and the food (which i did not try last night) was

I did not take that many pictures, but hopefully will be going back on Saturday for a refresher.

Breconshire Brewery Welsh Pale Ale

Bath Ales Dark Hare

Rhymney Dark

Dare Brewery Valley Dark

The The Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival Floor

The Dare brewery was one I had not tried before, but I as always enjoy the Rhymney Dark

The beer that I would go back for more and more is Otley’s Dark Eight 0 (i think it was called that but did not take picture), a mix of their strong 08 and their dark, it was just brewed for the festival but I hope the Otley brothers brew it for their pubs and maybe bottling.

It was a shame I had to leave as I did not even get to the ciders.

Many thanks to the hospitality of Arfur Daley, read his blog for updates on the festival almost live!

The festival has a facebook group as well.

By Andrew Wilcox

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