£13,000 shed that’s easy to build?

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Tom Rawstorne over at the Daily Mail was given a task to build the a £13,000 garden shed.

Argos insists anyone can build its £13,000 super shed. So is the ultimate DIY challenge REALLY that easy?

Day One

Starting point: Four tonnes of wood lies waiting to be constructed

9AM: Chinese philosopher Confucius once noted that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Deep, meaningful stuff. And so it is that when an articulated lorry pulls up outside my house in rural Kent at the start of my flatpack adventure I, too, mark the occasion with some suitably memorable bons mots.

‘Are you sure that’s all for me?’ I ask, weak-kneed, as I take in the fourtonnes of wood loaded onto the vehicle. Warren, the driver, is sure. He’s also sure the lorry won’t fit through the gate into the orchard, where construction is to take place.

lots of wood

Instead, he has to resort to craning the six giant pallets over the hedge. It means every item has to be shifted by hand 100 yards to where the base has been constructed (it’s meant to be concrete or compacted gravel, but I’ve opted instead for a lattice of hefty timbers levelled on concrete blocks).

At least I’m not entirely alone at the moment. Photographer Robin Mayes has turned up to record the feat for posterity. He’s been chosen primarily, of course, for his skills as a lensman, but by fortunate coincidence he also happens to be built like a rugby prop forward. Straight back, bend your knees – and lift!

You can read the rest of the build over at the mail

The shed is from Argos

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