The apprentice : Your shedded

I must be the only one in the UK who does not watch the apprentice… not sure why not but just did not get round to it. anyway apparently there is a shed in the grounds of the house on the show but it’s being used for things other than storing your tools, well according to the Star.

APPRENTICE lovebirds Michael Sophocles and Lindi Mngaza enjoyed steamy romps behind the backs of their rivals and Sir Alan Sugar – in a shed.

The pair, who are now dating, sneaked off for secret sessions in an outbuilding in the grounds of the show’s £5million house.

As the other candidates slept, they swigged wine, kissed, cuddled and got to know each other “very well”.

“There was a gym/shed thing and it was heated, so they used to go in there to have a little romp.

By Andrew Wilcox

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