Lottery for Brigton beach huts

The brighton Argus says

First it was school places – now a council is to allocate dozens of new beach huts using a lottery system.

Brighton and Hove City Council has applied to build another 26 beach huts near Hove Lagoon.

And if as expected demand exceeds supply, the new lucky owners will be selected by a random draw.

Beach huts fetch up to £12,000 on the market, and estate agents Callaways, which sells many of the city’s shelters, said that demand remains strong.

One beach hut in Suffolk sold for £80,000 last month after going on the market at £65,000.

Estate agent John Weeks said: “They are not going as quickly as last year when money was a bit freer but they are still selling.
“The price depends on the location, but the highest price is about £12,000.”

Callaways currently has five beach huts on the market.

The council has submitted two competing planning applications for the same site on the Western Esplanade – one for 26 beach huts and the other for 24 huts and a boat house.

A decision is expected by June 9.

The council owns the land and licences are granted to place a beach hut there.

The licence is £220 and comes with a host of conditions to maintain the colourful seafront buildings.

Owners must be residents of Brighton and Hove and cannot own more than one beach hut.

When the new huts are ready a lottery will be advertised to allow people to register.

By Andrew Wilcox

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