Almost half of Britons opt for homegrown produce, a leading online comparison shopping site, conducted a poll of its users to gauge their gardening habits, and the results show that 2008 will be a year of homegrown produce for many Britons who are shunning the supermarket in favour of growing their own. Key survey findings include the following:

· 42 percent said they will be growing their own vegetables this year

· 38 percent said they will be growing their own produce to save money

· 64 percent said they are more interested in gardening now than five years ago

· 91 percent ask friends and family for gardening advice

“It’s great to see that the great British institution of gardening is as popular as ever. Our own Garden and Nursery category on has grown 287 percent since March 2007 in terms of search volume,” said Russ Carroll, business development director at “When space and time are as pinched as they seem to be nowadays, it is heartening to think of people taking time out to unwind, relax and potter in their gardens.”

Many people are reacting to the credit crunch at the moment and feeling the need to cut costs. When this is coupled with the urge people feel to go green, it is not surprising to find that so many people are planning to grow their own produce,” said Carroll. “Also, as 70 percent of our respondents point out, homegrown simply tastes nicer!”

Regarding the size of their gardens, people in the South-East have the largest, with 55 percent who said they have a garden that is more than 50 feet. This was closely followed by the Scots, with 53 percent who said they have a garden that is more than 50 feet. In terms of dedicated time spent outdoors, 38 percent of people in the North-West said they spend on average more than 10 hours per week in the garden, and 63 percent said that on average they spend more than one hour at a time in the garden.

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By Andrew Wilcox

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