Mash and a banger 99

Not about sheds, but I love a 99 in the Summer and I love Sausage and Mash, but those odd lot over at Aunt Bessies have gone one better and mixed the two!

mashAunt Bessie’s Mash Cone

Mash and a banger in a cone launched as the first all-weather alternative to the ’99 Flake’

It may look like a 99 Flake from afar, but it’s just the latest sign of the British adapting our eating habits due to our increasingly rainy summers. With last summer being one of the wettest ever recorded and the heaviest snowfall for almost 20 years this month, Aunt Bessie’s* is breathing new life into the fortunes of the ice cream van by replacing chilly ices with an all-weather, British classic: creamy mash and a banger – in a cone!

Served from a specially customised ‘Mash Van’, Aunt Bessie’s will offer cones filled with creamy, warm homestyle mash and a banger topped with gravy and a sprinkling of garden peas. Aunt Bessie’s Mashed Potato is made using exactly the same ingredients as you would at home – real potatoes, milk, butter, salt and pepper.

By Andrew Wilcox

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