Young inventor sheddie of the future

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Five-year-old Sam Houghton has been named Britain’s youngest inventor after patenting an idea worthy of Wallace & Gromit.

The boy from Buxton, Derbyshire, had the brainwave while watching his father sweep up garden leaves.

Dad swapped between two brushes – one to clear up larger leaves and twigs and the other to catch finer debris.

In just a few minutes Sam had strapped two brooms together with a large rubber band. The result was the “Improved Broom” which can be flipped around for different jobs.

Sam, who was only three at the time, has now been granted an official patent for his invention. He is thought to be the youngest Briton yet to hold one.

He said he was inspired by his TV heroes Wallace & Gromit, the animated characters who get into all sorts of trouble with Wallace’s outlandish inventions.


By Andrew Wilcox

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