Anti-crime flatpack youth centre stolen

Plans for a new youth centre to tackle teenage delinquency and crime have had to be put on hold – after the building was stolen.

The prepacked building was delivered in boxes to the Austrian village of Traismauer ready to be put up the next day but were stolen by the time workers arrived to erect it.

A recent wave of vandalism, theft and burglaries in the area had been blamed on youths and local authorities met to try and find a way to keep them off the streets.

Mayor Johann Gorth said the new youth centre planned to give kids something else to do and get them involved in something positive.

Police are investigating but fear some of the children that the youth centre was aimed at helping may have been involved in the theft.

A spokesman said: “Of course there is a possibility that the thieves were youngsters who were well aware of the plans for the youth centre.”

By Andrew Wilcox

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