Sisters hid £29m in shed

According the guardian and others.

They hardly fit the description of typical big-time tax dodgers: two middle-aged sisters who stashed wads of cash in cardboard boxes in a garden shed. But despite their quaint methods, the women, who were arrested yesterday, are suspected of masterminding the biggest case of inheritance tax evasion Japan has seen.

Tax officials believe Hatsue Shimizu, 64, and Yoshiko Ishii, 55, hid almost ¥6bn (£29m) inherited from their businessman father after his death in 2004, the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper said.

The national tax agency said the women had declared only a tiny fraction of their ¥7.5bn inheritance, avoiding taxes on the rest that would have come to ¥2.86bn.

The women are suspected of keeping most of their windfall in boxes and paper bags in a shed next to their house in Osaka, western Japan. “We have confiscated 50 cardboard boxes,” the newspaper quoted a tax official as saying after inspectors raided 10 locations in the city.

By Andrew Wilcox

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