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I am a bit closet(shed) Star Wars fan (maybe more than my son, but don’t tell him) and we are both looking forward to the new animated series, so here’s some things to keep you wossnamed until then.

Despite a personal fortune reported to be close to four billion dollars (£2bn) and a vow to leave behind the space saga after six blockbusters, George Lucas is releasing an animated Star Wars later this year. It will be followed by a TV series and gives some of the minor characters from the feature films a chance to tell their stories.

It’s fantastic news for fans, and the new format is looking to tap into a new market, perhaps with a main character being a female Jedi called Ahsoka.

For more than 30 years, the interstellar soap has captivated millions. The licensed spin-offs have included much plastic tat, but just look at these latest creations.

Star Wars Mimobots – from £59.95 from

Most USB storage devices are best kept tucked away, they are about as appealing as a dinner date with Darth Vader.

This range of funky and highly collectable items are available in seven characters with a storage capacity of 1GB and a couple with 2GB – each one contains a selection of icons for your desktop too.

Confused Character – Deluxe Death Star Transformer – £39.95 from
Inspired by last year’s robotic blockbuster, this transforming Darth Vader doesn’t change into a vehicle of any kind but a formidable Death Star.

Inside the pack you’ll also find a Darth Vader pilot mini figure, three TIE Fighter mini vehicles and three Stormtrooper mini figures.

Feel the Force – Light Sabers – £59.95 from

This superb replica of the weapon sported by Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy is also available in the Darth Vader version to recreate your own scenes.

The hilt of the light saber is made from die-cast metal, has a permanently attached polypropylene blade with a glowing blade, and when you make your move, original sound effects come into play.

Create a Clone – Anakin Jedi Starfighter – £19.99

Based on Anakin Skywalker’s customised Jedi starfighter from the Clone Wars CG-Animated TV Series, this 153 piece set is a must have for younger fans.

Featuring flick-firing missiles, retractable landing gear and an ejection button for R2-D2, I have a sneaky suspicion that another age group will be coveting this piece too.

Communication Centre – R2D2 Webcam – £300 see
This 1:5 scale remote control version of the deepspace dustbin features a webcam and internet telephony, too.

The handset for making your calls and steering the unit are both contained in the light saber replica, it is also available as a much larger unit, which houses an 80 inch TV screen projector.

Standing Six Inches – Mighty Muggs – £9.95 from

There have been plastic figures-a-plenty depicting the characters, and these, the very latest in the line of collectibles, are high-quality vinyl art toys.

Six characters styled in a cartoon-esque fashion, described as “intergalactic icons with a dollop of designer manga cuteness”.

Some of them even come complete with weaponry. Time to clear some deskspace, I say.

By Andrew Wilcox

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