It’s all gone a bit Celtish down the bay

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Last night as it was valentines day, me and Mrs Uncle Wilco had an evening out at a jig, yes a jig not a gig.

We went to see Folk band Celtish, It’s not normally my cup of tea (but i do like Rock with roots), but you have to make wossnames for the other half.

Anyway I really enjoyed it (must be my age and folk jumpers and the Tull overtones), the Flute and the Fiddle player were brilliant and the rest of the band, a great singer with Stevie Nicks overtones, wonderful guitar man and the unique sound of the harp added to the tight group.

With the mix of contemporary folk and wossnames of standards, it really worked, the audience were very appreciative for the 2 or so hours and they sold OSB in bottles halftime, so result!

The surroundings helped, it was at the Norwegian Church down Cardiff Bay, a small venue but very suitable for this sort of thing.

I would definitely see them again, the banter with the audience worked well (apart from an odd women who kept shouting out stuff) , and event the Flutists young daughter shouting from the balcony added to the cozy and great night.

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By Andrew Wilcox

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