Some interesting videos of shed builds

When the sheddies add their sheds for Shed of the year some of them also add videos, so you and us judges can have a good look at their builds – so here are a collection of great ones, some with jaunty tunes! – be great to see your shed in video form – contact me and I will feature it here

The Scaffold Board Studio

The Beauty Shed


Colin Furze Mad Creation shed

Skull lounge

The Game Shed

The Baron’s Arms

The Carpenters Arms




Watch the trailer for Shed of the year 2016

By now you will probably have seen the great advert for this year’s Shed of the year on Channel4.

The dates & details for the show are here, and the finalists are here.

I will be live tweeting the show on Friday over here, make sure you use the #shedoftheyear hashtag.

Massive thanks to Shed of the year sponsors Cuprinol

and of course for Plum pictures for doing all the telly work 🙂

SHED.TV : Down the shed by Men with Ven

We love a good song about sheds – our fav being this ode to joy from the Punks not dad and of course the sublime Nick Drake but this one from shed age approriate London songsters Men with Ven is starting to get into our ear


Written by (Barratt/Clift/Marsh/Laker)
Directed by David Barratt

Justin Mitchell on trumpet, Gary Brady, Toby Carter, Shane Attwooll, Mark Arden, John (Two Sheds) McAuley,
Andrew Hayes-Watkins, Colin Xavier, Sue Dudman Westergaard, Annie and Bertie Foreman, Frank Nutten, Mark Gent, Molly Gent, David Bowie, Ron Chadwick, Julia Mundy, Emily Firmin, Glen Laker, Sally Laker, Toby Laker, Andy Capon, Justin Marshall, Alys Courtney, Gemma Collett- Mills, Bryn Burrows, Jane Burrows, Rachel Attwooll, Lyla Attwooll, John Butterworth, Dee Strauss, Craig Avery, Tommy Cooper, Miles Cookman, Matt Percival, Uma Thurman, Salvador Dali, Liza Stubbs,

FX: Gary Brady, Harry Feeney-Barratt
Paintings by Chris How and Ron Chadwick

Down the shed
Down the shed
You’ll always see me smiling when I’m down the shed
Let’s go
Down the shed
Down the shed
A man is truly happy when he’s down the shed

I really am, I really am happy down there y’know?
It’s a little wooden piece of heaven

I put on the kettle, played some heavy metal
I made a coffee table for me Auntie Mabel
(very thoughtful Carl)
I watched Stoke vs. Leeds on a dodgy feed
I had a game of snap and took a well deserved nap

I got down and dirty with Squirty Gurty
Having toast for lunch, breakfast, brunch
I cut Bowie’s hair in this very chair
Me and me mate Glen grovin’ to Men With Ven

Down the shed
Down the shed
You’ll always see me smiling when I’m down the shed
(It’s what you’ve worked for all your life)
Down the shed
Down the shed
A man is truly happy when he’s down the shed

An Englishman’s home may be castle
But his shed is a self contained universe
Apparently bound by four wooden walls and a decent padlock
But metaphysically holding all the mystery of human existence

It was there I fell heavily in love with Tom Cleverly
I made a fresh brew – Do you want some too?
I built a rabbit hutch…. Thankyouverrrymuch
I planned a little pub crawl with Matt Percival

Down the shed
Down the shed
You’ll always see me smiling when I’m down the shed
(Funnily enough I don’t get a phone signal down the shed)
Down the shed
Down the shed
A man is truly happy when he’s down the shed

Uma Thurman taught me german down the shed
I worked on me Harley with Salvador Dali down the shed
I told The Missus I’m working but really I’m shirking down the shed
I burnt off my warts as I watched Sky Sports
Had some cheese and pickle and some slap and tickle
Peace, Happiness, Love – it’s all about that down the shed
The hedgehogs and the mice all agree it’s very nice down the shed
Only fifty square feet but it’s the envy of the street down the shed
I put up a shelf all by myself
Down the shed

You can follow them on twitter

Stan Cullimore – Everyone Needs A Shed – Songs From The Shed

In a cold looking Songs from the shed – Former Housemartins guitarist Stan Cullimore has come out of song writing retirement to write a song for a performance in Shed of the year 2011 – Jon Earl’s Shed.

The should be more songs about sheds TBH – ok we have had punks and folk nutters Skinny Lister are always in a shed

Shed.TV: Do you want to know how to install a Log Cabin?

Waltons have this great video on installing one of their cabins – think of it as a massive shed – now if I had a room in my garden I would get one and turn it into a reading/writing room (ok a pub with games) 🙂

Our log cabins are constructed using thick, tongue and groove timbers. Tongue and groove timbers are specially shaped so they fit together and form strong, weatherproof walls. The floors and roofs in our cabins are also made from tongue and groove making all our buildings very durable.

This new instructional video showing the full construction of one of our most popular 5m x 4m Walton’s Greenacre Executive Office Log Cabins. The new video shows our installation team constructing a cabin from the very beginning and shows how to tackle those tricky parts of the construction like applying roofing felt.

anyway you can look at all the Waltons Log Cabin range after the banner – plus they have a shed sale on as well 🙂

* if you buy from one of these links readersheds gets a small percentage.

Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown – The shed

Thanks to Ben Walker for the heads up

Does contain some swears (some NSFW) and a little bit of fun poked at sheds (but why not) and some nice related shed ditties.

Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown is the panel game podcast from sketch team Pappy’s and Fuzz Productions. Set in Pappy’s flat – with landlord Matthew Crosby in charge – each episode sees unruly tenants Ben Clark and Tom Parry battle to avoid doing annoying household chores. To help them in this exciting high-stakes contest they force their houseguests (different special guest comedians) to take sides and help them fight it out over a number of stupid games.

Tim Vine and Claudia O’Doherty join Pappy’s for a shed-based second episode recorded at the Pleasance during the Edinburgh
Fringe 2012. In it… Claudia shocks and arouses Tom and Ben with her opening gambit, Tim tries not to worry about grotting and Matthew tries not to ruin any more than one of Tim’s punchlines. **Warning: approach this show with caution if you are afraid of puns**

First it was Kevin McCloud with his small shed – now George Clarke shows off his Amazing Spaces

Channel 4 are really spoiling sheddies or self builders at the moment – first was the excellent Kevin McCloud goes off grid and builds a shed show , now George Clarke is having a go showing off tiny house style builds – I do hope to see some sheds in the show 🙂

What next shed judge Sarah Beeny recording her next show from your sheds (that would be brilliant btw – channel 4 commissioner’s – me first!)

I did hear that some of our sheddies were going to appear but I think their segments have been pulled in the end – which is a shame.

anyway it starts tonight(Tuesday 23 October 8pm) on Channel 4

George meets a couple who have invested their life savings in the hope of converting a wreck of a bus into a holiday let.

He also sees how an old underground toilet has been transformed into a stunning apartment and how a horsebox has been given a new lease of life as a family holiday home.

And George’s own caravan build gets off to a shaky start as his builder fails to see the potential in this hulk of rusting metal from the 1970s.

Channel 4 has commissioned brand new series George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces which will see the architect celebrate the extraordinary world of small design spaces.

Across Britain there is a small space revolution under way. From sheds to campervans and even shipping containers, people are finding inventive ways of creating beautiful spaces in the most unlikely places.

George Clarke sets out to create his own small hideaway, a secret escape for his family that doesn’t come with the expense of a second home. This series follows George as he searches for, restores and designs his tiny getaway – that British design classic, the caravan.

Throughout the series, George will visit six small builds across the UK and look at other completed micro spaces to get inspiration for his own project. The programme will show how to squeeze rooms into spaces you never thought possible and demonstrate how you don’t have to blow the budget to get an amazing second home.

Packed full of inspirational design ideas and some of the characters behind them, this series explains how finding just an extra few square feet can open up a world of possibilities and completely change your life in the process.

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces was commissioned by Features Commissioning Editor Kate Teckman and is a Plum Pictures production, executive produced by Will Daws. The 6X60 series will air on Channel 4 later this year.

Kate Teckman, commissioning editor said: “This series couldn’t be more timely and shows that people can have big dreams and ambitions for the smallest of spaces. We can all still aspire to a having our own private getaway – it may just be a bit rusty and come on wheels. I defy anyone not to log onto Ebay in search for a caravan after they’ve watched the programme.”

Will Daws said: “The spaces that people are building with may be small but, as George is discovering, their dreams and their plans are anything but.”

Shed.TV: The novice’s guide to assembling a garden shed

Our friends at Garden Buldings Direct have a great little video on how to put up one of their sheds – jethro tull/dance mix esq backing track as well – I think we may have found the next shedheads!

Watch Rich and Shepp; GBD’s computer guys, successfully put up a shed!  It’s by no means a masterclass but there are a few good tips in there and it looks like they had fun putting it up …

Rich and Shep from the Garden Buildings Direct office, putting up a BillyOh shed.

Have you got a video of your shed being built you would like to share with the sheddies – then contact me and it could feature on the SHED.TV page

Kevin McCloud goes off grid and builds a shed

Kevin McCloud from that Grand Designs has got the shed bug (and who hasn’t nowadays) but he’s also got a new telly series Man Made Home which starts Sun Sunday 23 Sep, 8pm on Channel 4 – which sees him build a shed.

Those Channel 4 Home presenters are loving the sheds – what with Sheddies favourite Sarah Beeny, been involved with Shed of the year since the beginning – be interesting to see if Mr Mccloud can bring some of his some posh designs theories down to earth.

From the pictures it does look a great build and the use of salvaged materials is great but is this build more like a fancy tiny house than a humble garden shed?

But it does have some quirky features that would appeal to you sheddies I think

  • Next to the shed there is a hot tub made from a jet engine air intake
  • chair made from an old tractor
  • home made oven, constructed using an old safe

I hope to see some of these in your entries for Shed of the year 2013 😉

all photos from Channel 4

Here is the background info – what do you self build sheddies think of it all?

Kevin McCloud will be going off grid to build a cabin in the woods. He’ll be recycling, re-using and re-purposing to create his very own self-designed and self-built haven.

Kevin is setting out to recapture a pleasure he believes many have lost:  making things with our own hands. His cabin will be away from the world of uniform relentless mass production and packed with ingenious design solutions. He hopes it will be a structure that is so distinctive he’ll be proud to say he built it.

Kevin’s hand-made haven will be a shed of architectural ambition, oak framed and shingle clad, filled with incredible objects of his own making.  Its construction will be an adventure from start to finish and is destined to push him out of his comfort zone and into the “shedzone” of mad creativity.

This project will fulfil his boyhood dream of owning a shed in the woods he can escape to, design classic pieces in, and watch the sun go down from.

And at the end of it all, Kevin hopes to answer that nagging question: is simple better?

Kevin McCloud said: “This is the shed of my imagination; a shedtastic opportunity to explore off-grid ways of living, meet craftspeople of all ages and disciplines and ask whether living a life where we make and do is better than one where we simply buy and consume. A life-changing

Anyway I will have it on Sky+ to see how Kevin gets on..

Shed build: A “posh shed” in the making

Sheddie Andrew Smale contacted me via twitter to say if I wanted to see his shed build…

Iam not the head sheddie for nothing – of course I want to see any shed build in progress.

anyway He has also written a description of his build and we hope to see it on very soon.

My “Posh Shed” didn’t really start out to be posh.

I come from a long line of Sheddies, with my Paternal Grandfer having a home built carpentry workshop in his Garden. It was a proper shed and I can still recall the smells of linsead oil, creosote, metal tools and his ubiquitous Senior Service. On my Mothers side my Grandfather was a Railway man/ Market Gardener. He had two sheds, one for the garden and another that he occupied at the side of the railway whilst carrying out flagging duties. He made tea and toast on a paraffin heater. He often took me to work with him and so I spent time in the shed drinking tea, eating toast and watching the railway engines pulling endless trucks full of aggregate for the new M5 Bridge at Avonmouth. At home we had a small shed that was used as a workshop.

Anyhow I wanted a Shed in my garden because my house is so tiny. I wanted something that would be unique but would last. I also wanted a studio in which to carry out my photographic activities. Many of the sheds you see at Garden centres look so flimsy. My son is a Carpenter and so he suggested that we build a shed ourselves. So father and son started the build. The frame for the floor is 4×2 Tanalised softwood timber and the walls and roof made from 3×2 Tanalised softwood timber.

My problem is that I get too involved with these projects so when I suggested that I install a couple of Velux windows in the roof, the bloke at Magnet couldn’t quite believe it. Neither could my son! “Velux windows in a shed”, he was incredulous! However the extra light these bring into the shed makes it all worth it especially for photography.

Next I had to make up my mind what roofing to use. When I was down at the roofing merchants buying some breathable membrane to keep water out but fresh air circulating, I picked up a brochure about cedar shingles. Well it didn’t take me much time to decide that was what I wanted to use. However at a final cost of 600 GBP, it was a little expensive, but I reasoned that they would last a long time. Little did I know that the nails to secure the shingles were 55 GBP per kilo!! Two kilos used.

Finally I went to the wood yard under strict instructions from my son to get tanalised softwood feather edge board to clad the sides. “It’s a SHED”, he reminded me as I drove off. At the wood yard the owner, obviously enjoyed my spending sprees and shook his head at my request. “It’ll cup and split” he said. “Tell you what I’ve got some Cedar planks that I can rip down for you. It’ll look fantastic with the shingles and it won’t cup or split”

Well he was right but it did empty my bank account once more.

Anyway the shed got built, including insulation in the walls and OSB inside. I plan to replace the OSB with pine T&G at some point (when my bank manager agrees!).

I love my shed and I have a railway mans’ enamel billy can to brew tea in. I’ve already used to create a some photographs and of course I have also stored my tools and stuff in it too.

I’m now looking for a leather arm chair for me to sit in.

Like I say it wasn’t supposed to be a posh shed, it was more to create a space like I visited when I was a small buy. I just got carried away, honest!!!!

Here are a shed load of videos to show the build