Peter Bowles and Lisa Rogers & some monkey boots star in Punks not dad latest flexi disk

Former friends and offical band of Shed Week – Punks not dad have promised I can meet Lisa Rogers if I promote their latest relase – thankfully it contains sheds. Suave British Sitcom Legend Peter Bowles has sold his soul to punk by appearing in‘Monkey Boots’ the latest single and video by ageing anarchists Punks…


Offical Punk song for Shed Week watch the Video & Live Show

The punks not dad have launched their video for the Shed Week Song – “In me Shed” and if you like punk and sheds, then it’s the video of the year for you. see if you and see me & official dog for shedweek Sprout and some other sheddies in the chorus. Great job dads……..

Shed.TV : Tv’s Lisa Rogers and Shed’s Punks for Shed Week

After we announced that the punk band with dads in, Punks not dad are the official band of shed week with their wonderful shed based 7inch “In Me shed”, they have produced a video teaser and you could be a Star in the final video? Greetings again from the PUNKS NOT DAD comfy chair of…