It’s not over until the big International Shed is announced

Shed week could not end without a post about the great sheds from all over the world, we have had a hundreds of sheds added from overseas and even though we don’t have an offical International Shed of the year (It would need a sponsor so I could give a prize) but it’s wonderfull to see so many non UK sheddies sharing their sheds.

– not all the category  had votes for International sheds – so here is the rundown of the top 5 this year a large (and by large I also mean massive) North American bias but hopefully the Europeans can fight back next time.

Number 5

PV Lawn Cube 2011

PV Lawn Cube 2011 - Bradd Crowley
Bradd Crowley
Prairie Village, KS USA

Number 4

The Cranbrook Inn

The Cranbrook Inn  - John Looser
John Looser
Belgrave , Ontario , Canada

Number 3


House of Fallen Timbers

House of Fallen Timbers - Fallen Timbers
Fallen Timbers
Illinois, USA

Number 2

The shed with the chandelier

The shed with the chandelier - Tracy McAlister Mackay
Tracy McAlister Mackay

and Number 1 – International shed is 

The HammerSmith Brewery and Alehouse

The HammerSmith Brewery and Alehouse - Christopher Bowen
Christopher Bowen

Congrats to all International sheddies your style and design is not everyone’s cup of tea (maybe us Brits are set in our shed ways) but you are creating big and small spaces and unique uses for your sheds.



Those Americans and their sheds!

ok I do sound a bit off but I don’t mean it, some great examples of normal American sheds, then this one was in the slideshow! and made me cheer up a bit – A great Castle Shed

I want to know more about it!

Its great that their local website is showing off the sheds as some great inspirations.

Each week this summer, Inside&Out will feature some of the unique and cool garden sheds sent to us by Northeast Ohio gardeners.

If these two remind you of outhouses, that’s because one is an authentic outhouse, and the other is a replica.
Indoor plumbing was nonexistent for the Hazelton family living in Ashtabula. “I grew up with an outhouse, and there was no running water on our property,” says Shari Hazelton. “And that wasn’t long ago, because I’m 65.” So for her garden shed, Hazelton had an outhouse replica built from barn siding, and put in a few shelves for tools. “And that’s the beginning. I have some long johns that I’m going to put on a dummy, have the dummy seated inside and leave the door open,” she says, laughing. “You’ll be able to see it coming down the road. It’s just for fun.”

Of course if any of the sheddies from Ohio are reading this, then please Share your shed, it could be International shed of the year 2010.

Like international sheds? feast your eyes

As you know this year we were accepting entries from Sheds that are not in the UK.

Hobbit Hole Shed
Hobbit Hole Shed

I have been asked how to see just the international sheds on readersheds, as some people want to vote for them, well now you can, Just go to the International shed page

And vote for such Gems as Colonial Tool Room, Marjorie, Garden Hutch or even The Pip

We will be awarding a special International Shed of the Year award (if I can get a sponsor!), but the sheds are a great indication that the rest of the world is starting to get Sheds!