Some interesting videos of shed builds

When the sheddies add their sheds for Shed of the year some of them also add videos, so you and us judges can have a good look at their builds – so here are a collection of great ones, some with jaunty tunes! – be great to see your shed in video form – contact me and I will feature it here

The Scaffold Board Studio

The Beauty Shed


Colin Furze Mad Creation shed

Skull lounge

The Game Shed

The Baron’s Arms

The Carpenters Arms




So Amazing Spaces is returning this week with George and they are themed

The Amazing Spaces main show is back again to Channel 4 from Friday 22nd April at 8pm, and it looks like a best of builds show – which is great for people to get ready for a new series and get some inspiration for their builds – also don’t forget you can still enter your project for Shed of the year which closes on the 15th May – so Hurry Up Sheddies.

anyway here is the info on the next three episodes of Amazing Spaces airing on a prime Friday slot at 8pm starting from this Friday.

In this four part compilation series, George Clarke looks back over some of his favourite projects from across five series of Amazing Spaces. Starting with George Clarke’s Amazing Treehouses, the series revisits his favourite caravan builds, wilderness lodges and garden retreats. There’s the farmer building a caravan-inspired treehouse in the highlands of Scotland; a mirror-clad cube in Sweden; and a UFO construction nestled amongst the branches. There is also a trip to Tuscany and George’s own star gazing treehouse in Kielder National Park, Northumberland.

George Clarke continues his look back at some of the best builds over five series of Amazing Spaces. This time he turns his attention to some of the most innovative and eccentric caravan and campervan builds he’s ever seen – from a tiny Italian tuk tuk campervan to a trailer tent caravan clad in old CDs; and a tiny 1950s ambulance converted to sleep a family of six, plus their dog. There is also an Airstream caravan converted into the ultimate party pad and a look back at George’s high-tech holiday home in the Lake District for him and the family.

George Clarke looks back across five series of amazing spaces. This time he focuses on how nature and architecture can work harmoniously together in the glorious world of cabins in the wild. There’s a mountain-top ski lodge in Italy only accessible by helicopter; a hobbit-inspired cob house in Surrey built for only £150; and a concrete dome-home built under a man-made hill in a Texan hurricane valley. And George reflects on his own wilderness cabin that he built in the Sussex woodlands.

More info here

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces returns to Channel 4 for series five – get planning now sheddies

Great to see shed fanciers George and Will are back tonight with a new series of Amazing Spaces (Channel 4 8pm).

The architect extraordinaire and shed of the year judge is back for another tour of offbeat small builds, from space-saving retreats to reconditioned vehicles, at home and abroad.

He begins by meeting a father and son building an ambitious clifftop retreat and a young architect embarking on his first commission – a garden pavilion for his gran.

Master craftsman Will Hardie sets out to transform the humble beach hut into the most unlikely of holiday getaways, and in Germany, George visits a modern house in a medieval town

Some of the amazing cinema sheds entered for Shed of the year

Over the years we have had some great cinema sheds entered for #shedoftheyear and the last couple of year two have made it to the final.

and with the “news” that film/movie/cinema sheds are the new in thing

A company has reinvented the garden shed and created the ultimate home cinema experience.

From the outside, the Torii Cinema looks like any other garden shed that could be rammed full with spades and decorated with years-old cobwebs.

But step inside and you are transported to movie heaven.

The custom made home cinemas come equipped with theatre-style seating, a ED projector and Dolby surround sound with an underfloor sub.

No detail has been left in this authentic experience – there are custom built pick n mix counters, red theatre curtains, a popcorn maker and a star-light ceiling.

Thought I would show you that our sheddies have been doing it forever!

2015 Finalist Cabin Cinema

Cabin Cinema

2014 Finalist Reelwood


Other home entertainment sheds are

Garden Cinema

The Man Cave

The Stalls

You can view more cinema sheds here.

SHED.TV : Down the shed by Men with Ven

We love a good song about sheds – our fav being this ode to joy from the Punks not dad and of course the sublime Nick Drake but this one from shed age approriate London songsters Men with Ven is starting to get into our ear


Written by (Barratt/Clift/Marsh/Laker)
Directed by David Barratt

Justin Mitchell on trumpet, Gary Brady, Toby Carter, Shane Attwooll, Mark Arden, John (Two Sheds) McAuley,
Andrew Hayes-Watkins, Colin Xavier, Sue Dudman Westergaard, Annie and Bertie Foreman, Frank Nutten, Mark Gent, Molly Gent, David Bowie, Ron Chadwick, Julia Mundy, Emily Firmin, Glen Laker, Sally Laker, Toby Laker, Andy Capon, Justin Marshall, Alys Courtney, Gemma Collett- Mills, Bryn Burrows, Jane Burrows, Rachel Attwooll, Lyla Attwooll, John Butterworth, Dee Strauss, Craig Avery, Tommy Cooper, Miles Cookman, Matt Percival, Uma Thurman, Salvador Dali, Liza Stubbs,

FX: Gary Brady, Harry Feeney-Barratt
Paintings by Chris How and Ron Chadwick

Down the shed
Down the shed
You’ll always see me smiling when I’m down the shed
Let’s go
Down the shed
Down the shed
A man is truly happy when he’s down the shed

I really am, I really am happy down there y’know?
It’s a little wooden piece of heaven

I put on the kettle, played some heavy metal
I made a coffee table for me Auntie Mabel
(very thoughtful Carl)
I watched Stoke vs. Leeds on a dodgy feed
I had a game of snap and took a well deserved nap

I got down and dirty with Squirty Gurty
Having toast for lunch, breakfast, brunch
I cut Bowie’s hair in this very chair
Me and me mate Glen grovin’ to Men With Ven

Down the shed
Down the shed
You’ll always see me smiling when I’m down the shed
(It’s what you’ve worked for all your life)
Down the shed
Down the shed
A man is truly happy when he’s down the shed

An Englishman’s home may be castle
But his shed is a self contained universe
Apparently bound by four wooden walls and a decent padlock
But metaphysically holding all the mystery of human existence

It was there I fell heavily in love with Tom Cleverly
I made a fresh brew – Do you want some too?
I built a rabbit hutch…. Thankyouverrrymuch
I planned a little pub crawl with Matt Percival

Down the shed
Down the shed
You’ll always see me smiling when I’m down the shed
(Funnily enough I don’t get a phone signal down the shed)
Down the shed
Down the shed
A man is truly happy when he’s down the shed

Uma Thurman taught me german down the shed
I worked on me Harley with Salvador Dali down the shed
I told The Missus I’m working but really I’m shirking down the shed
I burnt off my warts as I watched Sky Sports
Had some cheese and pickle and some slap and tickle
Peace, Happiness, Love – it’s all about that down the shed
The hedgehogs and the mice all agree it’s very nice down the shed
Only fifty square feet but it’s the envy of the street down the shed
I put up a shelf all by myself
Down the shed

You can follow them on twitter

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces gets a British Academy Television Awards nomination

Amazing news today – George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces has received a Bafta Television Awards nomination

Grand Designs, The Great British Bake Off and Long Lost Family demonstrate their enduring appeal with nominations in the Features category. In its third series, George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces receives its first nomination, completing the Features line-up.

Of course I’m sure Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year and you sheddies helped to get the nomination as everyone loves a shed – congrats to the brilliant team at Plum Pictures for all their efforts on this great series and of course to George and Will who have inspired a lot of people to get out there and build their amazing spaces.

Catch up with Amazing Spaces on Channel 4.

Using a shed to visualize how a building will look in 3d before it’s built

BBC click are showing a shed that is being used to visualise proposed buildings in 3d

Architects have traditionally used physical models of proposed buildings to demonstrate to planners and members of the public how a project will look when it is completed.

But some are now using a combination of simulations and augmented reality to find out how buildings will influence behaviour. They can also provide a feedback into the design process.

Here is Arup Digital Visualisation Showreel which would look great from their shed 🙂

Arup Digital Visualisation Showreel from Arup Digital on Vimeo.

HT Helen

Songs from the shed – is on the move again this time to “Newport”

Jon from Shed of the year winner 2011 Songs from the shed and friend of

is curating a music event starting at his local historical cinema Curzon , Clevedon which is just the start to the Songs from the Shed on tour:


A fantastic new collaboration has sprung up between one man and his shed and three arts venues thanks to Film Hub South West & West Midlands, one of nine lead organisations belonging to the BFI’s Film Audience Network.

Musical promoter Jon Earl, creator and curator of Songs From The Shed, and venues The Curzon Cinema Clevedon, The Roses Tewkesbury and The Courtyard Hereford will be delivering a tour of innovative film music fusion events throughout this Autumn, starting with a rare chance to see UK premiere screenings of music documentary The Newport Effect plus a live performance from Hot Feet.


Infamous as the place where Bob Dylan “went electric” in 1965, The Newport Folk Festival was a stalwart among folk music-lovers ever since its inception in 1959.

This film, narrated by Joan Armatrading who is currently undertaking her last major tour, celebrates the history and legacy of this seminal event, with performances and discussions with the likes of Joan Baez, Judy Collins, the Indigo Girls and the late Pete Seeger.

Following the film there will be a performance from Hot Feet, who will bring their delta blues, sixties electro folk and world rhythms to the stage.

Jon Earl, Songs from the Shed: “It’s a real treat for Songs From The Shed to be invited to choose the bands for this tour.

The films are amongst the most exciting music related films on release at the moment and I can’t wait to see Hot Feet and The Cadbury Sisters perform in these great venues.”

of course his shed is a modern day folk festival – so he has a shed in the foyer showing off some of the recent performances at each venue.

you can catch Jon and his shed at the following places – good luck Jon I hope to pop along for a pint to at least one!

More info on his website

Thursday 13 November – The Roses Tewkesbury

Friday 14 November- The Courtyard Hereford
Saturday 15 November – Curzon Clevedon

Tuesday 19 November – The Roses Tewkesbury

Thursday 20 November – The Courtyard Hereford

Thursday 27 November- Curzon Clevedon

Episode Two : Amazing Spaces – Shed of the year Thur 31 July

After the great response to the First Episode – and YES it’s the public that got them there !

Here are the sheds that appear in the 2nd episode

Episode 2 – Summer House/Cabin and Workshop
The competition to find the country’s best shed continues with the Summerhouse/Cabin group, which throws up a replica 18th century US frontier cabin, a Gothic grotto decorated with 50,000 seashells, and a scaled down Elizabethan lodge.

In the Workshop category, a 1930s garage, complete with classic car restorations, battles it out with a graffiti artist’s shed with its own gorilla, an extraordinary bird box production line, and the smallest shed in the whole competition: a music venue with room for just one performer and one audience member.

The sheds that appeared tonight are

Summer House/Cabin Workshop/Studio categories


Episode one : Amazing Spaces Shed of the year Thur 24 July

Hope you all enjoyed last nights episode of Shed of the year – here are some links about the featured sheddies

You can watch it again on various streaming players and 4oD on the interweb

If you think you have an amazing shed you can add it to the queue for entry for #shedoftheyear 2015

Welcome to the shed of the year 2014 judges

This year is a bit different as the judging of the category winners will be done on camera for Channel 4 –  and the winner will be announced on the show!!

so here is a brief bit about this years judges, that you need to impress with your sheds

Do welcome them.

George Clarke

George clarkes Micro Designs 1 Caravan

George Clarke is an architect, writer and  lecturer, who is the presenter of several very successful series for television, including Channel 4’s Restoration Man, TheGreat British Property Scandal and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. George will love any sheds that include an element of clever design. He has also just built an uber shed in his garden, complete with a butterfly room.


Max McMurdo


Max McMurdo is an obsessive upcycler – from shopping trolleys to aeroplanes he believes anything can be saved from the scrap heap and transformed. He has appeared in George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, where he converted a disused shipping container into a garden office as well as creating a kids classroom from two containers at his old school. He is also Kirstie Allsopp’s “Furniture Hacker” on Channel 4’s Fill Your House For Free. Max says: “I love a good shed-based workshop. An inventor’s shed is his castle.”


William Hardie

William Hardie

William Hardie is renowned for his diverse problem solving skills in design and making, specialising in unusual projects that fuse tradition with innovation. He and his team realises George Clarke’s projects in the series George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. He likes considered design and craftsmanship, as well as anything that is created as a labour of love – however quirky.

The shed for me is the most intriguing part of a house and garden, it is where objects and interests reside that don’t conform to the social, architectural, traditional and fashionable constraints of the home – A garden without a shed is like a man without a beard!


Laura Clark

Laura Jane Clark

Laura Clark is an architect that specialises in transforming quirky places into amazing places to live. She is perhaps best known for her spectacular conversion of a disused public toilet in Crystal Palace into a bijou one-bed flat.

Laura has designed several sheds in the past, including several one off commissions. She has also built her own shed and is currently at the design stage of her second. Laura will love any entries that are cleverly and beautifully constructed or with a nod to Alexander Pope and has a slight weakness for glass houses and potting sheds.


of course Last years winner Alex (right( will be a judging along with me (left) 🙂

Two sheddies
Two sheddies