Just sheds : Scouthouse

A lovely American shed today from Scout and Matt from Portland, OR

it even has the computer generated image of what it should look like.

generated shed

All the windows were scored at bargain prices from different people on Craigslist, and we then designed the shed around them. The two of us built it by ourselves, from the ground up. Thirty feet down a path, painted to match the house, electric heat, second- hand laminate flooring, different colored windows on all four sides, fully insulated, rain barrel to collect roof runoff.

finished shed

More images after the link.


Just sheds Tuesday : Spice sheds

I missed this last week, sorry Just Sheds watchers..

So this week I will go with a few sheds that have caught my eye.

and as comebacks seem to be the thing, here are my Spice Sheds, next week look our for Led Sheds (maybe).

1) Posh Shed

inhus – Suffolk, UK

Alex has mentioned these designer sheds in the past I like them as they are a bit Grand Designs but too designer for most sheddies.

Fully equipped garden office, built to last, fully insulated and ready to work. My husband built the inhus for my requirements and I love it. Stylish and beautiful, cedar clad, decking, LED lighting and double glazing.

2) Baby Shed

We don’t get enough beach huts or sheds by the sea as I call them on readersheds.co.uk but this shows the sheddie spirit, the council blocks any outside pimping so the sheddie has gone to town on the inside.

Our little wooden beach hut is our favourite place to be when the sun is shining – or isnt. We are not allowed to paint the outside of the hut but that hasn’t stopped me making the most of the inside.

3) Sporty Shed
ok not sporty but I had to follow a theme!

Another great example of a shed made from scratch this time from Alabama

As an avid gardener and birdwatcher I needed a little place for my hobbies, so my husband decided to build me a garden shed. He built it with no plans and very little carpentry skills. He is an electrician by trade. The windows are all hand made since we couldn’t find any to suit us. The skylight is hand made as well. This will allow me start my seedlings inside. I am so excited and can’t wait to move in.

4) Scary Shed

You just need to look at this shed it’s a shed for hoarders, artists it’s wonderful in all it’s glory.

Mohawk was born over the weekend of 9/11 ..one of those moments in life when you know where you were and what you were doing,,I was installing the stained glass window listening to the radio. Mohawk has evolved over time to house literally thousands of indispensible bits and pieces and items purely to delight the eye (this includes the cobwebs and invasive ivy which now entwines some prize pieces) Visitors to this haven are unfailing in their amazement,often when they warm themselves on the woodstove they dont want to leave .

Just Sheds Tuesday : Shedwood Woodwood

I was going to do one of those clever April Fool posts about Sheds on the moon etc, but thought sod it..

This weeks Shed is a Summerhouse, but one that has been built by scratch by the owner Mark

I built it from scratch with No instructions!, and now its stronger and much classier than it was ever meant to be. This thing has cost me a small fortune

But now Mark’s better half has said they are moving.

and now our Lass says were moving! Imagine, the blood and sweat that goes into building something like this and then being told that were moving……shed’s, there not for girls!. Unfortunatly Shedwood Woodwood wont fit in our new garden, so is there anyone interested in a bargin?

So if anyone is interested in Marks shed please post comments here and I will pass them onto the sheddie.

I will ask Mark to provide some more info on sizes,construction etc.

More images after the click.

So would do you sheddies think about having a Sheddies sheds for Sales section on readersheds?

Just Sheds Tuesday : Dustys shed

Normally I would not feature a greenhouse type structure, but this is a multi use shed and glasshouse and it’s all self build and its massive!

It’s Owned by Dave in harrogate and he says it all “it is both a workshop and a green house” lets hope we can get him to add more info on the build as I am sure some of you sheddies would love to build a similar thing.

Just Sheds tuesday : Tardis

Not featured a TARDIS shed for these regular looks at potential sheds of the year, yet.

I thought we had the cornered the TARDIS shed market, but there are still some great ones out there, of course you may think the criteria is simple.

1) Is it Box shaped – Check
2) Is it Blue – Check

but the work these Time traveling sheddies do, makes the genre worthy of it’s own shed category and what happy sheddie they are.

This one is a great example and looks just like a realone from the BBC!

I’ve always been a massive fan of sheds and Doctor Who, so when I got a chance to combine my two favorite hobbies I couldn’t resist. I got hold of it via some friends of mine and altough I won’t state the price, it was well over £500. Luckliy enough my wife doesn’t know and presumes I got it from a BBC stock sale.

I do put it to good use though, it acts as a extention to my garage you can see in the background.

Shed here.

Just Sheds Tuesday : Point of Polaris

This weeks shed is not a normal shed, its a wonderful Shed by the sea, or as one of our judges would have it, it’s a beachhut😉

A wonderful example of this genre of wooden buildings.

Point of Polaris on the Hants/Dorset border.

Beach hut (9X7) substantially internally clad and insulated , for temperature and sound, a small solar panel on roof for iPod speakers, Hut allows for daytime use of hammocks and recliners, wire storage cubes floor to ceiling for all usual beach hut impedimenta, use of a sheet of 6 foot x 4foot perspex as a “door” to extend use and comfort out of high season.

So come on Beachhut owners join the club that is Readersheds and share your shed for this years Shed of the year.